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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Peonies in a Crock


One of the neat things about peonies is that they have such large blossoms! It doesn't take too many to make you feel like you have a lot and when you actually have a lot......

I didn't plant these peonies, but I'm glad someone did. I do like white peonies; however, the pale pink peonies have such a delicate look about them.

In composing this picture, I used as the material a see through curtain I bought as some thrift store.

Since I wanted to make sure that the light colored peonies wouldn't fade in the background, I used the darker colored peonies and the sage(?) to help break the curtains from the rest of the flowers.

After I chose a picture I liked and got it uploaded into the computer, I made a layer out of another image I had worked on and pasted it on the peonies image. Then I worked with the layer and peonies photo a while.

When I finally got the right combination of layer and peonies, I printed the result out and admired it for awhile!

Challenge for today:

Go to a thrift store and look for some good cheap curtains you can later use.


  1. This is absolutely exquisite my friend...these last three are absolutely gorgeous. I so want to learn how to do this! Don't even know how to begin. How is the house coming?
    God Bless,

  2. This is absolutely exquisite! The last three have been amazing... I think!! I so wish I could do this...I don't even know how to begin..I just love your work and would love to have you as a mentor in this!;) How is the house coming?
    God Bless,