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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pottery, Flowers and Letters


I arranged this image because my husband bought me some roses and I couldn't let them go unphotographed.

To help make the rose bouquet larger I decided to pick some daffodils which were blooming.

Since the roses were kinda an orange color, I decided to place the flowers in a pottery vase I had purchased at a garage sale.

I then added some more pottery vases of various sizes which were a flea market find.

The dog actually is about 61 years old. Before my parents were married they went on a date to a carnival and my dad "won" this dog as a prize. My mother named the dog "Pedro."

My dad loved to save birthday cards, sympathy cards, etc., so I placed a couple in the photo.

I used a very dark background material when I photographed the picture and then later added a textured background when I got the picture into the computer.

Challenge for Today:

Photograph some vases or pots of various heights and shapes.

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