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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Roses and Zinnias


Actually there was little done to the actual final image, but there is a lot to tell about the composing of the picture and there IS a story behind the framed picture.

So, first I'll start with the picture in the frame.

I went to a local antique store and bought this tiny hob nail vase for less than $15. I used as the background a sweater which has colored specks on it. Having a sweater as a background limited me on the amount of space I had for photography purposes. After I got the shot I liked, I smudged the sweater a WHOLE LOT. I then added a textured background I had done. I then gave a copy of the image to the antique store owner. She was thrilled!

Now on to the story behind this new image.

First, for me it is HARD to photograph a frame so it ends out looking like it should be - straight.

Secondly, for this picture I wanted to use the same sweater as the background. So to the right of the picture I used clothes pins to hold the sweater into place.

Thirdly, I wanted to use the same hob nail vase. But the light was coming from a different angle so in this picture the vase doesn't look white. You CAN clearly see the lips of the vases are the same and of course you can see the hob nails.

And for the final touch, I wanted to use pink as the color in the foreground flowers. Unfortunately, I was limited on the number of pink zinnias I had on hand - one. And one pink flower doesn't make a majority. But that turned out fine because I had plenty of darker colors. Placing the one pink blossom next to the framed picture keeps the eye coming back to the inside of the image because that is where the lightest colors are.

And that is how I did this photo.

Challenge for today:

Compose one of your own images into the making of another image.

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