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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bradford Pear Blossoms in Blue Vase


The above image is what I finally settled on.

I first off photographed the white blossoms in the blue vase and thought a yellow background would look good. However the yellow scarf background was not big enough so I had a "draped" yellow scarf and a yellow dress was in the foreground.

When I got the image into the computer the shading and draping of the scarf just didn't look quite what I wanted.

So, I started off smudging all of the yellow in the image. Then I chose a background I had worked on previously and placed that background on the image as a layer. Then I ended up going for a "wild" look. I left enough of the draping of the yellow scarf because when I completely hid the draping of the scarf it looked like the vase was sitting in mid air.

I like this picture because it REALLY DOES LOOK LIKE A PAINTING. But it wasn't my original idea!

Challenge for the day:

See how the draping of material can alter the look of an image.

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