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Monday, May 11, 2009

A Wedding Bouquet


A couple at our church got married and left two vases of flowers.

So I took the opportunity the day or so after the wedding to go back to the church and photograph the flowers.

You can't believe how hard it is to photograph arrangements of flowers without making them look like they are just "occupying space."

I place the two vases together so there would be an abundance of blooms. I also wanted to show off the bows so I had the vases together yet each is sorta separate from the other. The same with the plants stands. I staggered them a bit.

Then when I got home I got one of my created backgrounds and worked with it in the image to give the whole image of sense of being a painting.

The family was thrilled with the result!

Challenge for each day:

See what opportunities you can grab in getting extra flowers to photograph.

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