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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not Quite Wedding Roses


The reason I brought this photo out of storage is that in the next few weeks I will be showing a few more photos of the same objects but in different poses.

You see one of the images I finally worked on, I gave to my boyfriend for a birthday card. And it later became my wedding invitation.

But, now I am going far beyond what I want to at this moment. So stay tuned....for later on I'll work my way to the rest of the story.

Now, more about the image.

First, notice the roses on the background material. Normally it would be too busy for a photo, but when I saw the curtains at a thrift store I fell in love with the pattern. (Take a peek at the other material draped down behind the crock and flowers. At a later date I'll reveal the importance of that material.)

(Though I knew I was taking a chance when I bought the curtains, I never knew how important they would later serve me.)

Now on to the flowers.

A week before Mother's Day in 2002, a friend invited me to go floral shopping with her at a nursery. I ended up purchasing 2 large rose plants that had an abundance of blossoms.

I took the rose bushes home and picked some of the flowers off the bushes to photograph. I placed some of the roses in a crock that belonged to my grandmother. Over a period of several days I photographed many different versions of the roses, various vases and background materials. (The rose bushes never survived once I planted them.)

In my estimation this is not a good photo and I never have done anything with it....but like I said, I later took an image that became my wedding invitation. So, I'm letting you see one of my "practice shots" which I chose not to use.

So continue reading this blog because before the end of this month, you will actually see the image I used for my wedding invitation. AND YOU'LL FIND OUT THE IMPORTANCE OF THE OTHER MATERIAL I MENTIONED.

Challenge for the day:

Sit back and smell the roses.

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