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Friday, May 1, 2009

Geraniums Standing in the Pink


When you need green stuff in a vase, honeysuckle vine drapes gracefully downward. At least that is what I think. Also, when you are photographing into the early winter months you can still go outside and get some of the vine - it stays green fairly long.

Now, back to the image.
Let me explain something. You really don't have to have a room dedicated to still life photography. (But it sure helps.)

Let me explain my main photographing room in my other house before I moved.

My previous room was something smaller than 11 x 12. That room had a large computer desk, 2 small tables for other printers, etc. A rather large closet, a 4 foot low bookcase and 2 tall 36 inches wide bookcases. The room had 2 east windows with a short space between the 2 windows and then it had 2 south windows which were side by side. The windows had venetian blinds which were great!

And this was my main photography room!

Now, back to the above image.

The pink flowers were geraniums and of course the green stuff is the honeysuckle vine. I placed a small fold up table underneath the south windows and draped a pink fancy thrift store dress beneath the vase.

I had to use one of my background creations to hide the painting imperfections on the window sill panes.

I kinda like this image because it seems so light.....even sorta fluffy.

Challenge for today:

Look at your surroundings and see if you can kinda create a photography room.


  1. It ;looks like a watercolor painting. Just beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be sure to be checking out what you are up to, too. :)Bea //dog-in-the-hole-studio.blogspot.com//

  2. Hi,

    I am so glad that you stopped by my blog because now I get to visit you fabulous blog and meet you. I will be back to check out your lovely photos.
    Wow - your photogrpahs are beautiful and look like an impressionist painting. The backgrounds are wonderful and certianly give them the look of a watercolor.
    Congratulations on your beautiful new blog.

  3. You had asked me to stop by and take a look and boy I'm glad I did. How beautiful - they look like paintings - I'm so impressed! Thanks for all the helpful tips with the photography - that really helps me since I take simple pictures of my flowers. Many blessings to you! Cathy