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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Watcher of the Flock


Yeah, I know many phones have photography options, but nothing like having a good camera with you.

I had gone with a friend to a reproduction of an 1800's farming community.

Maybe it was the mood I was in or something, but I took very few photos.

Out of the whole trip two things made an impression in my mind.

One, there was this farm cat and a huge barn! I had never seen a cat catch a mouse before, but I had a chance to witness it. It was fascinating! However, I never got a photo! I waited too long...I was waiting for the right shot....

One moment the mouse was in the cat's mouth....the next minute....the cat placed it on the ground.....the next minute it was in the cat's mouth with the tail hanging out.....and then the mouse was gone.....and I mean gone....the cat swallowed the mouse whole!!!!!!!!

And two, I later caught up with the cat as it was watching the chickens. This time I quickly took the picture.

Like I've said before and like you also know....sometimes you have to work around the objects you want to photograph. There was no way I could remove the wire/boards and I couldn't make the cat move closer to the chickens or the chickens move closer to the cat.

So, I shot the picture and later went into Microsoft Photo Draw and did a special effect to kinda make the wire and boards look a little softer.

And that is the story behind this picture.

Challenge for the day:

Get in closer to the world of your animals and photograph them!

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