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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Wild Side of Tulips


Well, there's not much you can do except go with the flow!

These flowers weren't from my garden - they were from Wal-Mart and I bought a bunch because that is how they were sold.

When I got home and put them in a vase, they flopped all over the place. It was quite plain it wasn't going to be a dignified photo shoot of stately tulips in a vase.

Anyway I shot these tulips against a really white background.

Then when I started to work with the image in Paint Shop Pro, I selected a rather wild background image I had previously created.

I then worked with the "arithmetic" portion of Paint Shop Pro and finally got the tulips to be what I call "toned down wild."

I'm not sure, but I rather think that tulips are not the easiest flower to photograph in a floral still life.

Oh, well.....

Challenge for today:

See if you can have any luck with tulips!!!!!

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