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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chicory Flowers Are Wild Flowers and Beautiful in a Bunch


Yeah, those tall, small blossomed blue flowers which are in abundance beside many roads in the summer and fall were a substitute for coffee during World War II.

Each blossom blooms for only a half of a day (they don't like the heat of the day), but there are many blossoms on a plant.

For photographing purposes they create their own problems: They have one large upright stem and many smaller branches which reach out to the sides. So they aren't really pretty to put in a vase and the individual blossoms don't really have much of a stem.

But the flowers look beautiful in a mass, they spread as plants, and you don't have to worry about them!

Now, enough about the plant.

Because not many people ever think of beautifying chicory flowers in still life images, I thought of taking up the challenge. And I thought the flowers had enough of a delicate blue coloring they would be pretty once the image was done. I picked a few blossoms and since their leaves are small and rather unsightly, I picked a few leaves of something else.

I placed the completely dry items on top of one of my background images and photographed away.

After I got done, I got out my favorite smudge tool and did some smudging.

And the image was done.

Challenge for the day:

Work on getting one background which will be suitable for photographing flowers on later.

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