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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just Field Flowers


Field flowers are SPECIAL because people overlook them.

I got at a thrift store a bottle that had been painted.

When I did this photo, I placed the 7 inch tall bottle in front of a gold colored serving tray.

I put the field flowers in the bottle and some in front of the bottle.

I liked the idea of the flowers AND the bottle being reflected in the serving tray. (I did work hard in getting the bottle situated just right for the reflection of the flowers and bottle.)

In the computer I used the smudging tool to smudge a portion of the serving tray.

When I entered this image in competition at a size of 13 x 17 it was chosen for exhibition purposes and then retained to go on loan.

Challenge for today:

Look at the loveliness of things which are SO common and try and make them uncommon.

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