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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flowering Quince with a Different Look


It is kinda good when you are able to have different versions of the same image. But then when you run into a situation like this - how do You decide which image you like?

I'll tell you what I do sometimes when I have that "problem" - I create a document in CorelDraw and call it "unsure....." then I copy the images onto that document. Then depending on what mood I'm in I'll have a choice later on.

Now, the difference between yesterday's image and today's image is that the "wilder" image was toned down. You can do this by various ways: I'll share one.

You take the original image, then you take the "wilder" image and make a copy of that. You paste the "wilder" copy and paste it on top of the original image. You have now created a "layer."

Then by working on the "wilder" copy you adjust what degree of opacity you want. In other words - you decide how much of the "wilder" copy you want to be seen. Then you merge the layer down. You have created a new image and then don't forget - SAVE THIS AS A NEW IMAGE.

Challenge for today:

None. Just have your own fun day photographing - just keep in mind what you later might want to do with the images you take today.

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