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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Iron Fence and Hat


Unfortunately, this fence was in a park about 7 miles from my house and in an area which was trying to reproduce a garden in the 1800's.

The bad thing about photography is that many times you have to deal with not so ideal settings. Sure the fence and the vine looked great.......but there was no good way to get a clear shot of the fence. At the edge of the fence where I hung a hat there was a clearing which didn't go with the fence. And the vine itself!!!!!! There were enough gaps in the vine that exposed the ugly gray pavement on the other side of the fence.

So, I did what I normally don't do. I cloned a lot.

Then after I cloned it I went into a different software and did an antique look.

But I liked the results! And really the picture looks better because I did change it.

Challenge for today:

Take some second looks at fences and photograph some.

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