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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Peonies in a Vase and Sometimes Be Daring

On a personal note before information about the image:
Yesterday despite the wet grass, I went out and weeded some. There is so much to do, but I let our 7 hens out to eat the grass in their penned in areas. The only rooster we have flew over his fence and joined me in the garden.

The rooster really likes people. Nothing satisfies him more than to sit in a swing on your lap. So after I worked a while I sat down on with the cat and rooster. I finally left them to go inside and get a few gardening books and a coke. When I came outside, the rooster and cat were waiting for me on the porch. (The swing is in the yard.)

Anyway, when my husband came home from a visit to the church, I had the neighbor's dog, the rooster, and the cat all sitting with me on the porch. We were all pretty content. I was reading gardening tips and I don't know what the animals were thinking.



A co-worker gave me freedom to come over anytime to photograph the flowers in her yard. And I will be eternally grateful for her kindness to me.

Anyway, my co-worker had a next door neighbor who had rows and rows of peonies in bloom.

Though the neighbor knew me just by acquaintance, one day I just couldn't take it any longer. I walked up to her door and asked her if I could pick some peonies and turn them into still life images. I was even daring enough to ask if there was something she would like me to photograph with the peonies. She brought out her grandmother's Bible. She allowed me to take the Bible home and some peonies. I carefully photographed the Bible and because I had lots of peonies, I had lots of fun photographing the flowers in various vases.

When I returned the Bible, the neighbor received a 5 x 7 image the Bible and peonies.

Though the image above is not the one with the Bible, it is of some of the peonies from that neighbor. (I will post the Bible and peonies image at a later date.)

Challenge for the day:

Check with friends. They might be thrilled if you photographed their flowers. Just be careful and don't disturb anything! Be sure NOT to pick anything. And be sure to give the kind friend copies of what you did.


  1. What a lovely, lovely photograph! Gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful photography. When have more time I plan to check out your other posts. Thanks for visiting and following along. Hope I don't get to boring.

  3. Thank you for your visit to my garden. I love your idea about the “still life” images. You have done some amazing work. I will have to try and figure that out in Photo Shop. I am a complete amateur when it comes to working on the computer. Every time I learn something, I am completely amazed. I just love your images-they remind me of old fashioned post cards.

  4. Lovely photograph! Our Peonies do not come out until the end of June. I absolutely love them. How fragrant! I don't have any in my yard but I think you have given me an idea to put them near my wild flower garden that we'll plant within the next few weeks. I can't wait. How sweet all of your animals are to keep you company. Your house building venture seems very ambitious!!

  5. The peonies are lovely. Ours have buds on them already - the tree peonies. I can't wait to see them blooming and every year I take photos. There is a giant peony farm near us. Maybe I will take some photos this year too. I like your idea of making backgrounds with the flower images. I'll try that. - Jeanne