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Saturday, April 18, 2009

What Are Yellow Daffodils Doing in a Shoe?


Though it is the time of daffodils, I decided to post an image I did about 4 years ago. (I've already posted 2 images of daffodils I've done this year.)

The background I used for this image is one I created. It basically is an "arithmetic" one I did by using Corel's Paint Shop Pro.

After I got this image by using 2 of mine, I smudged it a lot.

I then printed it out as an 12" x 18" inch image. I use it a lot because the colors are soft and works well with flowers.

Anyway, I just wanted to showcase the ceramic shoe which belonged to my mother. However, I was off in my decision to photograph the shoe because all my daffodils were pretty well done for. (Some flowers still can look pretty when they're dried - daffodils aren't on that list.)

I chose to use the color yellow because it went well with the gold lines on the shoe and also yellow complements lavender.

When I got out my 12" by 18" background, I halfway stood it up so the shoe could completely sit on the background. And that was it.

Basically, I really don't think this is a good image, but I use it to stress two things: you can create some of your own backgrounds AND you can create still life images of items that mean a lot.

Challenge for the day:

Work at getting your own background images ready for future photographic sessions.

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