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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

White Hydrangeas as if they were in a dream


I have so many versions of this one image! I cannot decide which one to choose.

A friend of mine had some hydrangeas on the north side of her house. I photographed some of them up close.

Then much later I decided to do some fun things with the image.

I got a flower image which had some ribbon and lace in it.

Then I did an arithmetic thing with it using Corel Draw's Paint Shop Pro where you use 2 images to make 1 new image.

After a while I got this version of the image.

Of course if you want to try utilizing "arithmetic" in Paint Shop Pro you HAVE to have 2 images of the same size.

As I have said previously, "Never crop your images until you are finally through and only after you have made a copy of your work right before you decide to crop."

You always want to have copies of your work as it progresses.

And I never send to the trash unwanted versions. You never can tell, you may want to use those versions later. (I keep 1 file for each image I am working on. This is my white hydrangea. I have a file called "Hydrangea." If this image had been taken by my digital camera, I would have called the file folder whatever the digital file number would have been.)

Anyway, I like the image because it is soft and unusual.

Challenge for today

Combine some flowers with some lace and ribbons. See what you get.

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  1. Very interesting blog. I know I will pick up some pointers. Your images are wonderful. You mentioned on my blog that you are building a house. How great is that! I would love to build a little cabin up in the Adirondacks on a little parcel of land. Some day we shall see.