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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


You know what it's like. And it's no fun having to deal with having too little.

And it was a problem I had been faced with many times previously.

Somehow, though, this time seemed SO different!

I was in an outbuilding that had pretty yellow walls and a shelf!

I had a green bottle.

I had purple flowers.

The colors would go great together!

What more could any photographer need?

What was the CHALLENGE of the day?


The shelf was only 4 inches deep at the most.

I was to "compose" and "create" a photo right there?

I took a deep breath and set to work.

I placed the bottle on its side at a slight angle.

I then put some of the flowers in front of the bottle and then I placed some flowers all along the length of the bottle.

Just doing these simple steps made the photo "look" more roomy than it actually was.

Challenge of the Day:

Take an area that has little depth and make it appear like it has a lot.

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