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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So It's Not Photogenic!


A friend of mine was intrigued with an unusual flower in her garden and she wanted me to photograph it.

When I got to the house my friend's daughter had already picked the flower along with a few other flowers and had brought them inside.
But I inwardly groaned when I saw the flower.

It was weird looking and all I saw was the ugly thing in the middle of the flower (stamen???) coming straight out towards me!

There was NO position I could get the orange flower into to make it pretty. Sure, I could do as my friend WISHED - JUST PHOTOGRAPH IT.


So I did what my friend wanted. I photographed it in all of its original design.

Then I did what I wanted.

I placed the weird flower in a vase along with a prettier blossom.

Then I had a different problem.......Where should I put the vase to photograph the flowers?

I had no movable table to place the vase on so I could photograph facing a blank wall, but my friend had an enclosed screen porch with lawn chairs.

I picked out two matching chair cushions and balanced the vase on one of the pads and the other chair pad served as the background.

I was pleased with the result! The weird flower was pretty enough in this image and helped to balance the other blossom!

Later I used a different layer to give extra color to the chair cushions.

Challenge for the day:

Take an object and make it photogenic.

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