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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sleeping Cat Rules the Photo

Sometimes you stumble upon a scene you "have" to photograph even though you know it won't be great.

So, always keep film in your camera, batteries fresh and if you use a digial camera enough memory left on your memory card.

Now to Today's Photo:

I loved the play of the color of my cat sleeping against a chair's cushion. The chair was sitting facing my bay windows and space was so limited. I knew the photo wouldn't be very good, because of that limitation. Also, I was at a disadvantage because the 3 windows didn't have blinds to curtail the light.

But I knew I had to act quickly before my cat moved. (You know how cats are. They can sleep for hours and move just when you want to photograph them.)

Anyway, I took the photo. It isn't great.....but the sleeping cat matched so well with his surroundings!

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