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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I was helping clean up a vacant, littered, dirty house and then I saw IT on the ceiling........

There IT was in all its unkempt, dirty originality.....

A ceiling lamp with a vacated bird's nest!


I took it home in a large yellow trash bag.

However, when it came to photograph it, I had several problems.

1. The ceiling lamp was meant to hang from a ceiling. It wouldn't stand up by itself on a table.

2. How could I make capture the bird's nest so it would really show up?

3. How could I photograph the ceiling lamp so other people would know what it actually was?

I finally propped it up against a wall and took many photo angles of the bird's nest.

I ended up liking this image because it shows enough of the ceiling lamp to show where the bird's nest really was built.

I then did the trick of using Corel Paint Shop Pro's "arithmetic" tool to enhance the whole bird's nest and light. (See March 20 to get an idea of this technique.)

Challenge for today:

Look for and photograph the UNCOMMON COMMON THINGS

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